martini bostons

Linda G. Martin
Greensboro, NC
  Martini Bostons got started when Linda got her first show puppy in 2002.  Molly was bred by Sue & Pat Kennedy & Lloyd Amodei of Al-Mar's Bostons.  Molly finished her championship quickly and the show bug has never let go.  Molly grew up to be Ch. Al-Mar's So Much More.

Since Molly finished quickly, Al-Mar's entrusted her littermate, Lola, to our care and she soon was added to Linda's list of finished champions.  Then there was Eddie and Jill and so on..and so on...

Obedience was where Linda started with her German Shepherd, Gina.  Part of algebra study hall was spent scheduling Gina's obedience lessons for the week.   Companion dog titles (CD) were obtained over time on a Shih Tzu (Sydney) and a Boston Terrier called Sunny Rose (now going on 12 years of age).

Our dogs live in our home and are an integral part of our family.  Health and temperment are key.  Socialization is a primary focus from the time puppies first begin to walk and explore the world.  Exposure to all types of situations help grow confident and skillful puppies instead of shy and fearful.  My breeding program is planned carefully to breed to the standard producing quality Bostons that are sound in structure, movement and type.

Bostons will worm their way into your heart and never let go.......enjoy my passion - MARTINI BOSTONS
  Ch. Al-Mar's So Much More, CD (Molly)
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